About Us

Florame 25 Years of Experience

  • It was twenty years ago.
  • We distilled under the plane trees at the foot of the Alpilles mountain range.
  • Like an invisible signature.
  • The soul off lowers filled the alleyways.
  • And Florame wrote its story.
  • Our workshops have become laboratories.
  • And the pioneers’ conviction has never left us:
  • "Organic effectiveness, at the heart of plants.”
  • That is why our solutions are magical.
  • Blue Chamomile, white lily, fine lavender or bourbon Geranium...
  • Florame nurtures the passion for natural treasures on five continents.
  • But they are still carefully assembled in the heart of Provence.
  • From earth to bottle, each product embodies the active organic ingredients.
  • The air is healthy, the mind is soothed, the skin finally breathes.
  • Let nature work its wonders.

Our Commitments

Organic Cosmetics & Essential Oils

Pleasurable, safer and more effective skincare

Backed by 25 years of experience, and its know-how in Aromatherapy, Florame was one of the first companies to develop organic cosmetics lines that respect people and the environment. Today, Florame offers you a very wide range of high performance beauty and well-being products made from natural processes and raw materials, rigorously selected and certified by official labels.

Florame organic cosmetics are subject to rigorous quality control and many tests attest to their effectiveness: in vivo instrumental tests, use tests, efficacy tests conducted by Dermatolgists, tests of hypoallergenicity of the formulas.

Organic essential oils at the core of our cosmetics

We select our essential oils for their delicate fragrance and numerous properties as active ingredients in our cosmetics. Discover and enjoy the very essence of Florame through the magic of organic essential oils concentrated in our skincare.

Florame is committed to organic cosmetics

  • Labelled Cosmebio and certified by Ecocert
  • A maximum content of natural and organic ingredients
  • No Paraben, no phenoxyethanol, no silicon and no GMO
  • No synthetic colouring agent or fragrance
  • Ecological: 100% of our bottles and boxes are recyclable.
  • Minimum 95% of all ingredients are natural or from natural origin
  • Minimum 95% of the vegetable ingredients are organic

To select the best from nature, commitment to organic agriculture

Florame applies the strictest criteria when selecting the purest and most natural essential oils from around the world. This high standard led Florame, from its creation, to commit to organic agriculture. i.e. an agriculture controlled by rigorous specifications agreed between the farmer and the certifying organisation. Florame guarantees you perfect traceability from the producer to the finished product. The Cosmebio and the labels are your guarantee of this commitment.

To guarantee you the best quality, strictly controlled essential oils

At each stage of production, Florame has systematized many controls to guarantee you impeccable quality. Our laboratory’s tests guarantee that are essential oils are

  • 100% pure: uncut with other essential oils
  • 100% natural: not denatured by synthetic molecules
  • 100% complete: not subject to any treatment that might eliminate molecules
  • Organically Botanically and biochemically defines (EOBBD)
  • Certified by Ecocert

Florame’s Expertise

Ever committed to ecology, traceability and fair trade, Florame has concentrated all its know- how in the selection of the best organic essential oils since 1990. Each oil is rigorously controlled in our laboratory according to the following quality specifications.

The Biological Name

It is important to stipulate the botanical name of the essential oil (family, genus, species,subspecies)that precisely defines the expected chemical composition

The geographic situation such as altitude, sunshine and quality of soil directly influences thecomposition in aromatic molecules. Thus some essential oils arecultivated in specific regions of the world to maximise the resultant oil. (Example is Ravintsara essential oil in Madagascar)

The Biochemical Composition

The Chromatographic analysis enables usto draw up the exact biochemical composition of all our batches ofessential oils in order to make sure of the conformity of their propertied in aromatherapy

Search for the Chemo Type (CT)

This identification helps us to distinguish two essential oils obtained from the same plant (same botanical name) but cultivated in different geographical locations(example Rosmarinus officinalis CT 1.8-cineole in South Africa and CT Camphoe in Spain)

Physical Constants

In addition to the chemical profile,the physical constants (density, refraction index) enable us to checkthe botanical name and the origin.

Confident of its experience, Florame created a unique quality tool: the Aroma-library. This database gathers the whole essential oils which have been analysed for the last 25 years and is completed every day

Florame and the LPO

In 2015, in order to continue its objectives of sustainable development and actively participate to the conservation of biodiversity, Florame has decided to create a LPO sanctuary (Society for the Protection of Birds), on green spaces of Florame site located in St Remy de Provence, at the heart of the Regional Natural park of the Alpilles. The gardens are filled with lavender, rockrose, verbena, lemon verbena and other aromatic, medicinal and melliferous plants. This oasis will be supplemented with the planting of new shrubs and plants appreciated by birds, bees and butterflies and the installation of nesting boxes and feeding dishes to make a true sanctuary for the local fauna.

What the Symbols Mean

Certified organic Agriculture offers plants grown in respect of the biotype, essential oils free from any pollution and total traceability from the plants sowing to the essential oil bottle. AB logo belongs to the French Ministry of Agriculture and only applies to essential oils that are likely to have an alimentary use (Caution: we recommend to take advice from a doctor or an aroma therapist for any oral treatment with essential oils)

The Organic label of the EU has been created to allow the consumer identifying for sure the alimentary goods that contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients

Some essential oils coming from organic agriculture are not likely to have an alimentry use. As such they cannot hold the AB logo. However, these oils, which are extracted from plants grown witout any use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, offer an optimal purity and total traceability like the other certified oils. Florame has chosed to follow the specifications of the Ecological and Organic Cosmetics or Home frangrances for these essential oils in order to still state their organic quality

The Organic guarentee of Florame essential oils and essences is controlled and certified by Ecocert (F-32600), an independant controlled organisation. Ecocert is the largest controlorganisation and alone it controls 80% of organic operators. Approved by the state authroities, its role is to check the conformity of productions and importation and to inform the various actors of the applicable rules.

The botanical origin logo applies to essential oils which, for temporary or long lasting reasons, are not available in organic quality. Whether the plant is grown wild or by conventional agriculture, we select it for its intrinsic quality and Florame guarantees it botanical origin.