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Aromatherapy Sprays (5)

These sprays are concentrates of aromatherapy to carry anywhere with you, for use at home, in the office or when travelling.

The subtle combination of 100% organic essential oils specifically selected for their properties as reflected in the 5 different sprays available.Florame aromatherapy sprays are essential allies for daily life.  With 2-3 sprays on a tissue or in the air, the synergy of the essential oils provides and effective response to minor everyday ailments and provides comfort and wellbeing

A concentrated spray in Harmony with nature

  • Certified by Ecocert
  • 100% organic ingredient content
  • 100 % natural frangrance from Essential Oils
  • 100% of our bottles and boxes are recyclable




Essential Oil 5ml  (28)

Some of Florame Oils are only available in a 5ml bottle

Roller Balls (7)

Roller Ball Applicators

Florame Roller Balls are a blend of 100% organc essential oil compounds and organic vegetable oils that let you enjoy the benefits of essential oils at any time of the day. Practical and discreet, they slip easily into your handbag or wash bag. Applied to venous tracks or energy points (wrists, neck, temples) they fight against minor everyday ills and restore a sense of well-being and comfort.

Diffuser Cleaner 50ml

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Measuring Bottle - Graduated 50ml

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