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Organic Anti Ageing Oils (0)

Anti-Ageing Oils

Offer your skin a cocktail of exquisite oils to help fight against signs of aging and to preserve your youth. These true elixirs of organic essential oils and vegetable oils, Florame’s Anti-Age Oils adapts to your skin type.
Organic Skin Care Massage Oils (1)

Massage Oils


Florame's new Massage Oils, now  with unique mixtures of essential oils and vegetable oils

True to our enviromental committments, Florame has tried to minimise land fill waste by not only have recyclable bottles but now our product is beautifully presented without the cardboard packaging.  By doing this we can also decrease the amount of valuable resources used to produce our products.
The bottles are designed to protect the product but still look beautiful 
These new massage oils are genuine 2-in-1 care, leaving your skin nourished, protected and beautiful. Their unique texture leaves no oily film and does not stain clothes.
After the bath or shower, give yourself a moment of absolute relaxation and intimacy to share.  Apply to wet skin and after a few moments dry with a towel.
Take some time to read all about these new oils listed here on this page and see what suits you best.
Organic Vegetable Oils (0)

Vegetable Oils

Selected from the best organic seeds and cold pressed to preserve their virtues, Florame’s Vegetable Oils, all from Organic Agriculture, are genuine pearls of beauty. Whether alone or combined with a few drops of well-chosen essential oils, applied locally or by massage, they provide skin care of exceptional quality.
Measuring Bottle - Graduated 50ml

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