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Organic Essential Oils & Well - being (159)

Essential Oils 

Organic Essential Oils are the treasures lying at the heart of plants.

Produced with low pressure steam distillation from aromatic plants or by cold pressing for citrus fruits, Florame’s essential oils are botanically and biologically defined. These two methods of extraction take up to 2 months to produce essential oils or essences, that ar e100% pure and natural. They are not blended, adjusted or terpeneless.

Florames essential oils are of a theraputic grade and are 100% certified organic and can be used for their precious therapeutic properties.

Essential oils can be used through diffusion, as their fragrances enhance well-being for you and your home. You can diffuse them with a fragrance diffuser such as the Florame USB stick or the Florame Brume Ultrasonic elecrtric diffuser.

Essential oils can be added to your bath, massage oils and also carrier oils such as Florame's organic Vegetable oils.

Organic cosmetics (34)

Through extensive research, Florame has developed both gentle and nourishing skin care products. Florame's Anti Ageing Face Care range is now complemented by our NEW Organic Hydration and Cleansing ranges, using the moisture retention properties of the organic Water Lily and soothing organic Camomile. 

Florames Organic Floral Waters and Anti-Ageing Elixir concentrates, complement these products, to provide a complete face care range for all ages and skin types.

Organic Body Hygiene (56)

Florame's extensive range of beautiful Hand, Body and Hair care products are made from the finest ingredients, using the properties and fragrances from 100% certified organic Essential Oils with the added benefit of Aloe Vera. They not only smell lovely, but they also make your skin feel soft and smooth.  

Organic Vegetable & Massage Oils (1)

Rediscover our ties with Nature...

Florame's 100% organic vegetable oils are selected to enables the body and mind to recover a sense of well-being and harmony.

Constantly seeking maximum purity while preserving different species, we offer you these precious plant and vegetable oils with organic natural active ingredient.

Natural active ingredients: Rasshoul and Viatamin E

Organic Perfumes (14)

Eaux De Parfum & Eaux De Toilette

Florame's Eaux de Toilette and Eaux de Parfum with organic essential oils offer you top quality fragrance creations and genuine concentrates of nature.

Exclusively made with organic and natural ingredients, they protect your skin and reveal your inner personality.

Spray on according to your mood
Organic Men’s Range (18)
Organic Skin Care for Men


Florame have created a complete range of skin care products for men for both the face and body.  It draws all its benefits from the essential oils of Cedar and Vegetable Argan Oil.
This synergy of complex oils together with their purifying, regenerating and nourishing properties is ideal for men who want to preserve their youthfull looks in a natural way.
With a fresh woody fragrance, these products, especially designed for men, transforms the daily washing ritual into a moment of pure well-being and pleasure.
Organic Home Range (3)

Home Products

Florame has chosen to respect people and the environment in its line of Home Products. Ever closer to nature, the Florame Research & Development team has therefore developed 100% Organic products that are excellent to use in and around the home.
There are subtle, varied fragrances to satisfy every desire, exclusively formulated with Organic Essential Oils, and to awaken our senses in harmony with the plants!